Hello to all visitors to this site, old and new. I want to make sure everyone knows about my official Taijiquan website, whitecrowtaiji.com. All Taijiquan materials will be posted there from now on, and visitors to this one will find only things concerning my musical and literary efforts. My new site is much more monitored and I will be posting both articles and informal blogs with some regularity. Hope to see you there. Meantime, please check out my latest literary effort, an ebook, Taijiquan Meditations for the Solo Form on Amazon.



Andy Warhol was noted for saying: "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." He might also have added, "whether they want to be or not." My name is Robert Amacker, and I have devoted almost all of my sixty-nine years of life to three major pursuits: T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Music, and Writing. While fame is of undeniable utility in the professional realization of all of these arts, my own history is one of a rather perverse resistance to its pursuit. In light of this, it is natural that my students and well meaning friends seek to alleviate this condition through the mechanism of the internet, which seems to offer all that Andy Warhol promised, and more. I appreciate this, but while I have proven relatively immune to the difficulties imposed by anonymity (mainly financial), I find myself more sensitive to the possible distortions created by such a scattergun approach. Up until this moment, of all of my YouTube spots, e-mailings, and appearances on the websites of others, not a single one has been initiated by me, or with my foreknowledge. This site is intended as a kind of self-defense against various misperceptions that I conceive as possibly stemming from this, and an incentive for me to make some effort at self-promotion, perhaps long overdue, by airing those creative attempts that I think might be of interest to others. It is not intended, and will not be used, as an outlet for my own personality, emotions, or philosophies, except as they necessarily relate to my subjects of discussion, or as a chat room for fans and well meaning critics. It is intended as a regular posting of writing and music that will be appealing enough to make interested viewers check frequently for more.