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21/08/2009 21:39


By Robert Amacker             In my article The Trouble With T’ui-shou I mentioned that one of the great stumbling blocks on the road to correct and productive t’ui-shou is the obsessive desire to duplicate the phenomenon of discharge, in...


17/08/2009 10:45


DISCHARGE – ITS USE AND ABUSE   By Robert Amacker           Of all of the techniques and skills of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, probably the most misunderstood is that of discharge. Before we even begin to talk about it, we should make a semantic distinction,...


16/08/2009 10:59

The Shoveboat

By Robert Amacker, 1989  [As you can see from the above date, this article was written exactly twenty years ago, and I offer it here without alteration as evidence of my long and entirely unsuccessful struggle against competitive t'ui-shou tournaments. This was written in response to a...


15/08/2009 00:02


By Robert Amacker         I am rather known for my categorical condemnation of t’ui-shou tournaments, and to the whole notion of competitive t’ui-shou in the first place. Just to cast aside any aspersions that this be merely a case of sour grapes on my part,...


05/08/2009 03:52

On Exculsivity in Practice

By Robert Amacker In my previous article, I tried to outline the dangers associated with defining one’s practice, in an attempt to establish purity of style, by obsessive concentration upon one element or another of technique. In making these criticisms I might give the impression that I am a...


27/07/2009 14:23


By Robert Amacker           I am occasionally asked how many styles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan there are. I confess that I don’t know what to say, certain that any answer would be wrong by someone’s reckoning. I used to think there were the Chen, Wu, and Yang...


27/07/2009 08:06

What is T'ai Chi Ch'uan?

By Robert Amacker, 1999         For those who practice T’ai Chi Ch’uan on a regular basis, the answer to this question is simple: it is what they practice. The fact that T’ai Chi Ch’uan has an esoteric reputation makes it an easy receptacle for any number of...


20/07/2009 17:25


By Robert Amacker           Around Nineteen-Eighty I was living in San Francisco and, among other things, studying African drumming with teacher Kwaku Dadi. One day, while addressing a group of about thirty assembled students, he asked the question,...