30/01/2015 11:26

"Patriots wanted" - just published!

My new published novel "Patriots wanted" is available on Amazon.      


22/09/2014 15:23

New photos in the Gallery - T'ai Chi ch'uan

  See new photos in my T'ai Chi ch'uan gallery! View the photos here.


18/08/2014 11:01

Prague, September 2014 - T'ui shou workshop

  T'UI SHOU WORKSHOP BY ROBERT AMACKER - FRIDAY 12 OF SEPTEMBER 2014 from 10am till 1pm in the center of Prague at Strelecky ostrov. His workshop will be entirely devoted to what he considers to...


18/08/2014 10:47

Prague, September 2014 - acoustic concert

  VOJTĚCH AND IRENA HAVLOVI WITH ROBERT AMACKER Acoustic concert, violoncello, viola da gamba, drum 14 OF SEPTEMBER 2014 IN PRAGUE AT DIVADLO DOBEŠKA A chance meeting in Prague brought Vojta and...


06/08/2014 11:42

New T'ai Chi Ch'uan videos

Look at my new videos - The Civil Side Of T'ui Shou


29/07/2014 11:23

The Theoretical Basis Of T'ai Chi Ch'uan - eBook

In March 2014 I published an eBook! You can find more information about it on page The Theoretical Basis Of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.


09/07/2014 19:16


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